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Insurance for Home or Business

We provide an array of services, including home, condo and apartment insurance, vehicle insurance, life and health insurance, other insurance (umbrella policies, flood, etc.), and related financial planning services. Check our Insurance Services section for information on each of these.

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Rental Property Coverage

It is very important for landlords to have building and ordinance coverage on older properties. Should you suffer a loss of over 50% of the replacement cost of the building you must comply with current building codes.

The insurance company will pay to replace what was there prior to the loss. However, they will not pay for additional expenses specific to the different requirements found city by city.

For example, sprinkler systems,elevators, and 2×6 exterior walls can all be big, uncovered expenses.

We know the correct way to provide coverage for this exposure. Contact Gallant Insurance so you know that you are properly covered. 


Supervise at All Times Around Water

Supervise your kids at all times when they are around or in the water. Don't assume that just because your child took swimming lessons or is using a flotation device such as an inner tube or inflatable raft that there's no drowning risk.

If you're at a party, it's especially easy to become distracted, so designate an adult who will be responsible for watching the children.